Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The University of Victoria’s Visual Arts Department presented ‘Declaring Space’ - an art show held from April 18 to 26, 2009 by the students of the Bachelor of Fine Arts 2009 graduating class. The event attracted a large turnout and proved to be a success for all involved and a delightful time indeed. The ambiance during the first show was one of excitement as this was undoubtedly a momentous occasion for all students and faculty involved. There was much preparation beforehand by the students and faculty—walls were cleaned and painted where paintings, drawings and photographs were hung—cement floors were foundation for various installation works—sculptures carefully mounted on blocks to reach eye-level—a unfinished totem carving, with wood chips and carving tools, could be seen outside of the building from one of the windows. The enthusiastic crowds wandered from room to room, chattered with one another, sipped a beverage or two and eagerly explored each new room with its contents. From simplistic to eccentric, the variety of colour, form and content was certain to please the eye and senses—even to the novice art enthusiast. Through various creative techniques and no lack of imagination, the students successfully put together a wonderful show. The event was certainly an occasion for the students to celebrate and share with family and friends their successes and accomplishments. These past four years for students in BFA have certainly encouraged creative and original thinking, problem solving and ingenuity—traits not only applicable in the arts and design—but requirements for life itself.

University of Victoria, BFA graduating student Danielle Noel, presented five art pieces for the ‘Declaring Space’ show. Danielle has been an artist since a toddler. She was enrolled in drawing and painting classes from the age of seven years. Her love of drawing and painting, photography, reading and writing are to this day her main hobbies. She also paints illustrations for children's books. Attached are a few photos from the U.Vic. ‘Declaring Space’ event and a link showing a few pieces of Danielle’s art work.

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